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The workers will have the last word – not the media bosses

January 12, 2009

The thousands of protesters that filled the streets in Greece on Friday January 9th, proved that the fire of December wonʼt be put out, not by bullets and acid against activists, nor by the ideological terrorism spread by the media these last few days. Consequently, the Stateʼs only response to the youth and the workers was, once more, raw repression. Encouraged by the mediaʼs demands of zero tolerance, and by the orders of their bosses, the police were free to attack with chemicals, violence and arrests, against anyone who came their way.

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Stop the siege in Gaza

January 22, 2008

International Day of Action
Saturday 26th January

And please write to your MP asking them to sign Early Day Motions 305, 624 and 698 on Gaza

On Sunday 20 January, Gaza ’s only power station was forced to shut down, after Israel cut fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip.

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Let Nature Remain in Bulgaria

November 26, 2007


 “Street Barricades Fail to Save nature” Inter Press Service

When the Bulgarian Parliament adopted the final list of nature sites to be protected, it excluded precisely those areas that are most spectacular, and most interesting for tourism developers.


Valentina Petrova


30 Nov 2007 Sofia Echo


Valentina Petrova


Natura 2000 would not include zones which are already part of municipal master plans, Parliament decided on November 29.
This drastically reduced the Bulgarian part of the European ecological network.

Approved Natura 2000 zones cover 33.8 per cent of the country. Realistically, no more than 20 per cent would remain, because the rest was already part of municipal master plans, Dnevnik daily said.

Excluded from Natura 2000 were the Rila Buffer zone, parts of Kaliakra and Emine.

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Refoulement of Iraqi citizens fleeing to Greece

August 7, 2007

1 August 2007
  Common statement by 16 NGOs

We wish to express our profound concern regarding the policy of the Ministry of Public Order towards Iraqi citizens entering into our country. In particular, whereas until recently the readmission protocol between Greece and Turkey was not applied to Iraqis, the Greek authorities instead adopting a policy of tolerance including avoiding detention and deportation/refoulement of Iraqi citizens, lately there have been arrests and returns to Turkey on the basis of the readmission protocol. Turkey provides no guarantees for the protection of the rights of Iraqi citizens. Moreover, as has been noted by UNHCR’s latest press release, Turkey often deports them to Iraq.

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