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Lets discuss about violence…

May 18, 2008

This I found searching about the 60 years ince the Nakba or the creation of the state of Israel.

After I saw it I think I understood why I believe in peace less and less lately, what can you do, that humanity :), you cant stop it 🙂


The Silk Road/ La Route de la Soie (en Francais): Karachi (I)

April 9, 2008

La Route de la Soie ou la premiere d’un jeune baroudeur parisien

par Etienne Jaboeuf

28 juillet 2004, Karachi

Karachi : une ville qui s’étend à perte de vue du hublot de notre avion. Après notre descente d’avion, nous sommes accueillis dans les locaux de l’aéroport international Mohammad-Ali Jinnah par une musique sourde ; nos passeports tamponnés par les agents des douanes pakistanais, nous nous dirigeons vers la porte de sortie que je perçois comme une lumière aveuglante, qui, une fois franchie, laisse la place à une immense foule ou plutôt un attroupement, qui scandent des noms et des mots dans une langue qui m’est inconnue. C’est la première fois que je foule le territoire d’un pays au-delà du détroit des Dardanelles, conformément au serment que je m’étais fait à moi-même l’année précédente.

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Stop the siege in Gaza

January 22, 2008

International Day of Action
Saturday 26th January

And please write to your MP asking them to sign Early Day Motions 305, 624 and 698 on Gaza

On Sunday 20 January, Gaza ’s only power station was forced to shut down, after Israel cut fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip.

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Blackwater US: soldiers in very black waters

October 8, 2007

by A.Fotiadis

There is an interesting detail in Blackwater’s US Sep 16 incident in Iraq. In fact there are many details leading to an interesting conclusion. Blackwater is just a small part of an enormous shadow army deployed in Iraq. Modest calculation brings the number well above 100.00 thousand and with a good 10.000 positioned on front line projects. The very ‘professional’ handling of the Sep 16 incident is just a thread of the very sorry story about the methods that private contractors and some times regular IDs have chosen in order to practice crowd control and counter insurgency. That Iraqis have been considered and treated like human beings of inferior value is for this piece a philosophical proposition. Could become a solid argument but this is not the purpose of this though.

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www.welcome to israel.ill

August 8, 2007

by Nicolas Kosmatopoulos

“The young officer asks the taller officer if it’s OK by now. The latter murmurs something in Hebrew, the younger offers him a hidden smile and the show starts again: Please turn around Sir; stretch your arms Sir; wide open your legs Sir. The breaking in through the last intimate zones of my body is accompanied with the utmost verbal politeness. The humiliation bears a civilized mask; the blatant penetration comes together with a humble voice. Orwell is watching.”

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