A young man with a moustache in Amsterdam

November 3, 2009

Not with a harmonica.

And why a moustache, how does it help anyhow? Too poor to shave? Possibly. Too stressed out to keep appearances the man approaches, moustache, and only a hoodie to shield him from the All Saints rain. “Are you a tourist?” He is asked. “Are you here looking for some fun?”Fun is when the bench is dry and there are warm and clean leftovers from the 24/7 snack bar.Old men have all the money and all the fun. Young men scurry like rats along wet pavements, looking…looking for the work to get the money to get the fun that makes it worth going to find the man with the moustache in Amsterdam. Looking for work – just like that. Easier to find the camel which slid through the needle’s eye. Young men die in old men’s wars, break backs in old men’s factories. Men die young, old men die too. Who shall inherit the Earth?

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