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Notes from the Global Forum on Migration and Development Athens-2009

November 22, 2009

Civil society representatives in the Global Forum for Migration and Development 2009 (GFMD) taking place in Athens this week (some weeks ago) have recommended to their governmental counterparts to increase efforts for reducing the cost of remittances and make transfer easier and safer.

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Who curbs media freedom in Turkey?

November 18, 2009

As a follow-up on my post on The Wall Street Journal’s false claim that the recent curbs in freedom of expression and media in Turkey are the result of the increased power of Islamist forces within government. This is an article from Osservatorio sui Balcani explaining that the Turkish Armed Forces control websites, suppressing journalists critical of the Army. The website of the Turkish daily Radikal has recently written about a “black list” developed by the Armed Forces. The Turkish Army has created a “Group of Studies on the West” in the late 1990s which aims to counter the Islamic Prosperity Party of Necmettin Erbakan.

This is a link to the very good article (in Italian):


The Wall Street What?

November 10, 2009

One of the downsides of my job is that I have to keep tabs regularly on ‘respectable publications’ like the Wall Street Journal. Murdoch’s pamphlet hasn’t ceased to add insult to injury with its recent articles.

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Eastern Europe’s Responsibility to the World

November 5, 2009

Claudia Ciobanu

Whether we are from Eastern Europe or just care for the region, I think it might be our role to see this group of countries in a different light. To leave aside the eternal victimization and point out some of its responsibilities towards the rest of the world. This might play a role not only in creating a more just world, but also in strengthening Eastern Europe itself.

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A young man with a moustache in Amsterdam

November 3, 2009

Not with a harmonica.

And why a moustache, how does it help anyhow? Too poor to shave? Possibly. Too stressed out to keep appearances the man approaches, moustache, and only a hoodie to shield him from the All Saints rain. “Are you a tourist?” He is asked. “Are you here looking for some fun?”Fun is when the bench is dry and there are warm and clean leftovers from the 24/7 snack bar.Old men have all the money and all the fun. Young men scurry like rats along wet pavements, looking…looking for the work to get the money to get the fun that makes it worth going to find the man with the moustache in Amsterdam. Looking for work – just like that. Easier to find the camel which slid through the needle’s eye. Young men die in old men’s wars, break backs in old men’s factories. Men die young, old men die too. Who shall inherit the Earth?