International Women’s Day – Demo for Solidarity with Kuneva organised in Sofia

March 7, 2009

Remember Kostadina Kuneva? I was happy to learn that the Bulgarian student group PRIZIV (Summon) is organising a demonstration in solidarity with the assaulted union leader. The rally will start in front of Sofia University and the protesters will walk to the nearby Greek Embassy.

This is an excerpt of what PRIZIV are saying (my translation):

We invite all of our university colleagues to join the demonstration in solidarity with Kostadina Kuneva – the Woman who tried to stand against the whole system.

Let’s say “No” to the lack of opportunies for university graduates in Bulgaria!

No to healthcare where money comes first, and people second!

There are no illegal workers! It is not the workers who are criminals but their employers – those who tried to kill Kostadina Kuneva!

This is the poster for the demo, translated into Greek by Mavrakis:


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  1. мм. забавно !

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