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January 19, 2009


by Nikola Kosmatopoulos

More than a month after the outbreak of the “December riots” in Greece, it seems that the country is still unable to return into politics-as-usual. Even if the prime minister reshuffled his cabinet in order to show that he “got the message”, even if the conventional political parties downplay the significance of the riots, even if the national media refuse to report any forms of popular action still going on, the “Greek December” still disseminates waves of aftershocks in all possible directions. To be sure, Greece and in one way the entire Europe, will never be the same thereafter.

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Turkish Toilets in Bulgaria

January 14, 2009


by Vassil Leftski

Finally something lively to come out of the usually sterile and boring official exhibitions where all the ‘unity in diversity’ of the EU is portrayed. The Czech Presidency commissioned a work to the controversial artist David Cerny – someone I wasn’t familiar with before but who has apparently been involved in very interesting art projects. He came up with the huge art installation Enthropia where he tried to represent each of the EU member states with a particularly embarrassing catchy detail.

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The workers will have the last word – not the media bosses

January 12, 2009

The thousands of protesters that filled the streets in Greece on Friday January 9th, proved that the fire of December wonʼt be put out, not by bullets and acid against activists, nor by the ideological terrorism spread by the media these last few days. Consequently, the Stateʼs only response to the youth and the workers was, once more, raw repression. Encouraged by the mediaʼs demands of zero tolerance, and by the orders of their bosses, the police were free to attack with chemicals, violence and arrests, against anyone who came their way.

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