Beware!!! The Greek state is restoring order…

December 11, 2008

Some of the mainstream media, television channels in their majority, have played an important role on how the events, mostly the riots, have been perceived by the Greek public during the last few days. While in the beginning they participated wholeheartedly in the outcry of a fifteen years old killing, they gradually withdrew to playing their traditional role of judging the situation and promoting the mainstream public perspective…

The discourse is more or less the following, first we embrace the rage because what happened is unfair, then we cleanse anything political from the events, we talk about them like there has been a tragedy, same like if the country was hit by a hurricane or an earthquake. At the end instead of keep questioning why thousand of people react with such a volcanic explosion, instead of wandering about any social content in these events, about the political meaning they might have or what the messages of this social breakdown predated the rampage, we stay with a stupefying question of how a minority of hooded vandals has managed to disrupt social order. The masses that took to the streets are shoveled to the background. A few thousands “without face” are the protagonists.

Following this comes the choice to make first story the compensations offered by the government to business owners who show their property destroyed. The government’s political message in this case amounts to nothing more than, ‘sorry guys, we screwed up, but here is ten thousand euros so you fix the stuff and get going again”. It causes extreme enthusiasm to see how quickly mainstream media transfer from revolutionary fervor to undercover reaction. In this case it happened in five days. It makes you wander whether this has been a coherent strategy from the very beginning. The outcry against the tactic of the state to keep police authorities at tear gas distance while hooded guys “without face” burned and looted has also transformed to an outcry against those who do not identify this violence as blind and the schoolchildren at the streets as vandals. In the meantime the shady guys “without face” who enjoy an outrageous toleration and impunity by state authorities and they always spared the attention of mainstream media have start reappearing on the streets of the capital. They are not many but it does not take many of them to inspire fear, fear and silence are the two essential substances for order restoration. Silence is achieved by flooding the airwaves and front covers with repetitive nonsense, fear by the feeling that the city is not a safe place, better stay home.

At the end an enormous social crisis and its causes end up the footnote of a battle between two armies “without face”. Intentionally or not both functioning as the agents power is I need of for sending people back home. Both, intentionally or not again, killing anything political. The death of politics … the restoration of order.

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  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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