The shame of Greek media these days

December 9, 2008

On the ninth of December two people lost their jobs in Greece for reasons related to the events in Athens. First a photographer who demanded the publication of a picture showing a police officer pointing with his gun to the crowd, a provocation that took place a day after the killing of the teenager who drove the crowds in rampage all over the country. Initially the newspaper “Eleftheros Typos” which ironically in Greek means “Free Press” published the picture in an inside page. But the photographer was not spared the determination so the next day, probably after the management received relevant complaints from high rank personalities,  lost his job.

Another lay off was announced in “MEGA” TV channel. An anonymous video that circulated on youtube by an anonymous user showing the moment when the policeman fires at the kid on Friday night before everything started. It seems this was not enough for the production of the channel who inspired by the hot mood of the days added demonstration sounds and effects in the version it screened after borrowing the video. In a wonderful demonstration of stupidity the people responsible for this fraud failed to notice that the video had already been screened by other channels without these effects.

To the complaints that followed instead of accepting the responsibility the channel responded by firing a journalist or technician who was involved in preparing the video.


  1. Not exactly like that. I would be very careful and double check my sources before posting anything.

  2. indeed they are

  3. Probably the best picture(?) one day after the killing of the 15year old boy in Exarcheia.Shame on those who underestimated the work of this fine young photojournalist.

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