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Lets discuss about violence…

May 18, 2008

This I found searching about the 60 years ince the Nakba or the creation of the state of Israel.

After I saw it I think I understood why I believe in peace less and less lately, what can you do, that humanity :), you cant stop it 🙂


Iraq Green Zone: Might As Well Make It Confy

May 7, 2008

A $5bn (£2.5bn) tourism and development scheme for the Green Zone being hatched by the Pentagon and an international investment consortium would give the heavily fortified area on the banks of the Tigris a “dream” makeover that will become a magnet for Iraqis, tourists, business people and investors. About half of the area is now occupied by coalition forces, the US state department or private foreign companies.

He acknowledged that any project would face formidable difficulties: “There is no sewer system, no working power system. Everything here is done on generators. No road repair work. There are no city services other than the minimal amount we provide to get by.”

For many Baghdad residents, the Green Zone has been a no-go area for years, first under Saddam and now under the occupation. “What do I care?” shrugged one, Ahmed Hussein. “I don’t have electricity, I don’t have fresh water and I don’t have a job.”