Re: Toilets in Eastern Europe

April 10, 2008


I took this photo on a train from Trento to Venice. The toilet flushes properly,

it had the chemical solvent in the tank, also napkins were in good supply,

water was running properly and there was liquid soap. You can

see that it’s generally clean. For sure much better than any toilet

on a Bulgarian train. The trip (about 160km) costs about 17 Euro

for a one-way. What’s interesting is that on almost all other toilets

in Italy, especially at universities and libraries, there are massive

graffiti political debates on the walls. It is always about the old Left-Right

split and the issues include: immigration (most popular!), Islam,

privatisation, abortion (really topical these days!), religion, and party

politics. Some are even complaining that they cannot focus

on whatever they came inside the WC for with graffiti like:

‘Basta politica qui!’

PS It’s a regional train, not even Eurostar where toilets are even poshier but also more expensive!

One comment

  1. You’ve been lucky man! I’m Italian and this is the most clean toilet I’ve seen on a train!!!


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