Luring the leaders into good governance?

October 22, 2007

Look at this article from today:


It turns out that the shortcut to government reforms and honest leadership might be… a hefty sum given to the leaders who perform!!! Very interesting, who needs the laurels of the Nobel Price now – millionaire Mo Ibrahim’s footing the bill with $ 5 mln. How’s that for a supplementary income at the end of one’s political career? What do you think?


  1. I have to say I think it’s money well spent. Aid, trade and debt relief will make little difference to Africa without transparent and accountable government. Bribing presidents may just be the way to do it. But then again, I would fancy that most of them are looting far more than the $5m prize money (spread over 10 years). Mugabe’s gonna want a lot more than that to step aside.

  2. It might be effective but it actually institutionalises corruption and bad governance in Africa and the ‘developing’ world. No one would offer $ 5mln to Bush or Blair for good governance (of course, a lot more is at stake there, but there is no formal, humanitarian prize, just consultancy fees and board memberships). Then again, what is exactly the definition of good government, good economic policies, sound reforms… Attracting multinationals by giving them tax rebates, pushing the price of labour down, enacting anti-union legislation???

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