The Liberal Communists of Porto-Davos

September 19, 2007

Posted by Vassil

I was tempted to give you this link in Claudia’s discussion of terrorism. Given that the so-called New World Order, neo-liberalism and the rift between the World’s rich and the World’s poor is linked to the issue of terrorism. I decided, though, to have a different post because it would be better to keep the discussion there strictly to the question.

So the link I’m giving here is to a Slavoj Zizek’s article which appeared in In These Times in April 2006. It’s very much valid now. Zizek proposes that the new global philanthropists, the conscious, friendly, egalitarian and open-minded dot-com billionaires, and their allies among the affluent and the upper-middle classes, provide something of a smokescreen, a platform of false consciousness which stops us from really understanding the problems our world is riddled with.

In the midst of any necessary tactical alliances one has to make with liberal communists when fighting racism, sexism and religious obscurantism, we should remember: Liberal communists are the enemy of every true progressive struggle today. – Zizek

the link, of course:


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